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Regional Missions 

As we build to 2018 HOPE Revolution seeks to be the excuse for regions to come together to release young people into practical word and action mission. With the support of local churches and organisations and our many supporting agencies young people can be empowered to lead missions in their community, practically meeting the needs of those around them and sharing the good news about Jesus.

As a stepping stone into 2018, we are aiming to see many areas of the country host a 2-5 day regional youth-led mission. This will likely include a programme that includes teaching, training, workshops and many practical opportunities for young people to share their faith.

If a youth led mission event does not already exist in your area then we would be thrilled to help you be the catalyst to make this happen. It can be as simple as your context demands, and our support will be tailored for your context. 

HOPE Revolution will support with events to cast vision and build momentum, gathering youth leaders and church leaders and encouraging them to own and support this new youth-led mission opportunity for your area. 

Please contact Phil.timson@hopetogether.org.uk to explore this further and potentially get the ball rolling.

"We’d love to see hundreds of local groups who have faith to do mission in word and action. We will do whatever we can to pray for that, to resource it with young people and to work with youth agencies to find amazing local youth missioners. We want to see thousands of young people reached."
Andy Hawthorne- CEO, The Message Trust  

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