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Fun Size MISSION Academy


The Fun-size Academy builds on all that has been achieved through the 32 Mission Academies run throughout the UK. Fun-size Academies maintain the mission values and process, yet strip it back to its simplest form. It is just sooooo SIMPLE!

The four short, challenging sessions each ask a question:
  1. Who – do we want to reach? 
  2. What – are we going to do?
  3. How – do we want to do it?
  4. So – what have we learned?

That’s it. It’s a no brainer for any Christian young person and for any youth leaders wanting to see their young people sharing their faith. It puts young people in the driving seat of mission so that sharing their faith in words and actions will come naturally every day and in every context.

We aim to mobilise 100,000 young people to share their faith as part of a movement to bring a HOPE Revolution to the UK.

Access the 8 full sessions for your youth group (enough to work through the process twice), with bible studies, games, key tools and prayer activities.

Access the Information folder To download the promo video, access press releases and promotional materials

Order FREE copies of the Chatterbox here stating how many you’d like and where we should send them.

Download the Chatterbox here and print your own (7Mb PDF)


Saints ‘Fun-sized Mission Academies are a fantastic opportunity for young people to both own their faith and impact their surroundings. It’s often the simplest ideas that have the greatest impact and I’m believing for incredible things as young people get hold of this vision’  Matt Summerfield - Urban Saints President


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