HOPE Coventry appoints Stacey to coordinate HOPE 2014

HOPE Coventry Stacey

Stacey Kelly has been appointed HOPE Coventry Coordinator. This is an exciting new role made possible by the generosity of the Coventry Diocesan Mission Fund, the Heart of England Baptist Association and a tremendous offering from those who recently attended the a city-wide Praise & Prayer evening. 
The Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth said, ‘I’m greatly encouraged by the growing unity and momentum of working together across the churches of Coventry. I would urge churches of all denominations to get behind HOPE 2014 and the appointment of Stacey as she supports the continuing work of helping churches to do more and to do it together in word and action. Though the economic context is presenting many challenges to families and individuals across the city at this time, the churches have a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the unconditional love of Jesus in helping to meet needs.’
Roy Crowne, National Director of Hope 2014, pictured meeting Stacey, said, ‘I’m delighted to hear that the churches of Coventry have come together to support the appointment of a coordinator for HOPE 2014 in a similar way to other cities across the UK. I believe Stacey’s powerful testimony and passion will inspire, encourage and engage churches to do more together in word and action and I fully support the HOPE Coventry Board of Reference in their appointment.’ 
Stacey’s role is to work with the churches in Coventry, inspiring and promoting mission in word and action during under the ‘branding’ of HOPE 2014 – using the localised Hope Coventry logo for posters, banners, flyers and other publicity. She will also work closely with Coventry YFC, the city church Youth Workers, the Christian groups at Coventry and Warwick universities along with YWAM and OM where they are active in the city.
The Coventry Mission Academy will see young people and their youth leaders from across our region, each committing to attend three weekends of training and equipping throughout 2014, leading to numerous local, youth-led word and action mission initiatives.
Stacey will start her job by finding ‘Hope Champions’ for each of the five segments of the city (North, South, East, West & Central) to link with the churches and fellowships in those areas. One legacy already being planned by Hope Coventry is a directory of local services.
A new website (www.coventrychurches.org.uk) focuses specifically on HOPE Coventry. You can contact Stacey via: hopetogether@coventrychurches.org.uk