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This year’s Youth Evangelism Conference explored the theme of ‘Passing on the Gospel.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing young people find and follow Jesus for themselves, and as Peter shares ‘We need to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have’. Whilst we might take that to heart, we need to consider how many opportunities do we truly give for young people to hear and respond to the Gospel themselves.

Do we leave it to others to ‘pass on the Gospel’ expecting that it is the role of their friends, of the festivals and events we take them to, it is pretty much up to anyone apart from us? If so, we would love you to join us at YEC 2021, to instil a new confidence in the power of the Gospel to change lives, and no longer ‘Pass on sharing the Gospel, but to be Passing on the Gospel at every opportunity.

YEC 2022, Saturday 5th March, Online & In-Person. For information and to book your tickets, please head to the main YEC website.

The Youth Evangelism Conference is delivered by a group of organisations dedicate to reaching young people. Chaired by Youth for Christ, the partnership comprises HOPE Together, Alpha, the Church of England, the Pais Movement, Scripture Union, Urban Saints and The Message and the Evangelical Alliance.

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