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Hello from lockdown
Well, how things have changed in a week!!! Young people, parents, and church leaders are looking to us youth leaders to know a way forward. Because we are their leaders, young people need us to remind them there is hope in this darkness. Parents look to us for help in home learning and input for their children. Church leaders - because they think we know the online space so much better. I have had to take myself back to the core of why we do what we do this week. We are here to reach and disciple young people because that is what Jesus has called us to do in the great commissions - preach the gospel and making disciples of Him! What does it all hang on… the gospel! Romans 1:16-17, in the NIV-UK, tells us the gospel is ‘the power of God that brings salvation’ and that we should not be ashamed of the gospel for that reason. Also, it tells us that the gospel is faith-based and its foundation is faith, we are made right with God by faith and called to live by faith. Therefore what can we be saying to young people, parents, and church leaders? Simply… FAITH OVER FEAR! What is our response to what we are facing in our nation… FAITH OVER FEAR! #faithoverfear

Faith over fear
I would love to commend our good friends at Youth For Christ, who have a plethora of great online resources, which can all be found here but I would like to highlight two key resources to you that will help in reaching young people with the gospel in this season and beyond.

Why not go check it out?! More info can be found here.

Safeguarding Online
They have also produced an excellent safeguarding overview.
YFC Video
For more info and read all the tips here.
Updates in brief…

Isolation Tips
We are looking for the best isolation [staying sane] tips so we can compile a Top 10. Please email them to Sue then next week we will let you know what the Top 10 were.
Amplify Young Evangelists Academy
As this year’s young people continue to connect in their groups online and make the most of specialist mentoring input over video calls, we now want to draw your attention towards applications for 2020/21 – applications are now open for Amplify beginning in September 2020; applications close on 31 August 2020. Most of the Amplify year is based online as that is how the groups will meet going forward, even beyond COVID-19 pandemic. So no need to wait to apply for a young evangelist you know. More details here.

Please let us know if we can resource you more and how we can pray for you!
E-mail Sue to let us know any prayer requests or support we can give.

Bless ya,
Dan & Hope Youth Team

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