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National Day of Reflection

Join us on 23 March, the first anniversary of the first UK lockdown, to reflect, grieve and remember all those who’ve died during the pandemic.

Mark this day of support for the bereaved by inviting your community to your church to pause outside, lay a daffodil, and take a moment of silence to remember and celebrate lives lost.
  • Display a banner inviting your community to mark the National Day of Reflection
  • Offer copies of the booklet Hope in Uncertain Times – put them in an acrylic box in a prominent place so people can take a copy easily
  • Hold a short service of reflection at 12 noon

Bereavement at any time is hard. Bereavement during a period of isolation with restricted movement and limited contact with family and friends is so much harder. During the global coronavirus pandemic many thousands in the UK have faced the loss of someone they know. Bereavement support is important under normal circumstances but now it is crucial for future well-being and mental health.  

Loss and HOPE was launched just before the Covid-19 crisis to enable the Church to respond effectively with support for those who are grieving. This timely coalition between HOPE Together, Care for the Family, the Church of England and At A Loss, is developing support for the increased numbers of people who are bereaved at this time. The church-facing website is gathering ideas from Christians across the country to help churches support the bereaved. We are also connecting Christians who are experts in supporting people who are bereaved, so we can run the Bereavement Journey course

If you know of someone who has been bereaved please reach out to them. Loss and HOPE have produced the short film above which should help you. Please share the film widely and tell people about the website, which is the UK's signposting website for the bereaved with information and advice which we hope you will find helpful. Visit the website  to find out more on the following:
  • What to do if you are bereaved during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • How to help someone who is bereaved during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Arranging a UK funeral during the pandemic
  • What you can do if you can't attend a funeral
  • Holding your own memorial 
  • Helplines and useful contacts

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